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Monday, October 09, 2006

Harvest Nuts and Seeds

Every Thanksgiving I make this delicious Harvest Nuts and Seeds to take with me wherever I am going for Thanksgiving dinner. The recipe is from Moosewood Celebrates. The description in the cook book says, "This addictive appetizer, witha coating like a delicate nut brittle combines an abundant assortment of nuts and seeds with just hte right amount of sugar and spice" I always get loads of compliments on this healthy and tastey appetizer.

Pumpkin seeds are definitely a food I am going to try to increase in my diet. According to Brendan Brazier, pumpkin seeds are iron rich. Iron is a nutrient that can be difficult to achieve in your diet when you don't eat meat. Pumpkin seeds are also a valuable source of omega 3 fatty acids. Did you know that omega 3's play an integral part in the metabolism of fat? Brendan Brazier's book is a must read for people interested in eating a plant based whole foods diet.


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