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Saturday, October 07, 2006

No lettuce, no problem

I need to go grocery shopping for more fresh produce. I didn't let my no lettuce status hold me back from making a salad. You can still make a great salad without lettuce. This salad was yummy with home made pizza. I just threw in some cucumber, an orange tomato, and red peppers. I garnished this salad with Zesty Italian dressing and black pepper.

I love the effect of cucumbers on your skin. "Cucumber is used topically for minor burns - simply rub a slice over the burn - and also as a facial ingredient for clearing blemishes and for smoothing and softening the skin. Holding a cucmber slice over an itchy inflamed eye brings relief" (Wood 1999, 102).

Rebecca Wood writes that "Cucumbers are considered an alterative, that is, a food that tends to restore normal health because of its ability to cleanse and purify the blood and gradually alter the excretory process to restore normal body functions. It affects the heart and stomach. Cucumbers contain a digestive enzyme, erepsin, that breaks down protein, cleanses the intestines, and helps expel intestinal parasites, especially tapeworms...Cucumbers are a superior source of silicon, which is integral for calcium absorption and which is generally lacking in the modern diet. Silicon also helps reduce cholesterol, and it strengthens the nerve and heart tissue" (Woods 1999, 101, 102).



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