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Thursday, September 28, 2006

My pretty new plates

These plates were a must-have at home sense. I aboslutely fell in love with them and had been searching for the perfectly shaped plate/bowl for everyday salads. These fit the bill.

The salad pictured here is one of my favourite convenience foods. It is called something like Asian Mix. It comes with dressing and those crispy noodle like things on top. I usually add toasted almond slices for added nutritional punch.

This is a piece of apple streudel. The recipe is from Dreena's Vive le Vegan. This apple streudel is a lot healthier than pie because it uses phyllo pastry. I find it best to use really fresh phyllo pastry - if it has been opened and in the freezer for a while, it is not nearly as good. The individual sheets of phyllo pastry are brushed with canola oil to make them crispy. Canola oil contains no trans fats. Trans fats raise the bad LDL cholesterol and lower the good HDL cholesterol.

On a side note I was at my doctor's the other day and he just about fell over at how low my LDL cholesterol is - 1.7, he said he has several patients that he couldn't get their cholesterol that low with cholesterol lowering medication!

Canola oil is a good source of the antioxidant vitamin E. Two tablespoons of canola oil a day will deliver about 1/4 of all the vitamin E you need to protect your body from free radical damage. Vitamin E may also reduce the risk of heart disease. Canola oil provides one of the best nutritional balance of all popular cooking oils. It contains only 7 % saturated fat, 61 % monosaturated fat, 11% omega 3 fatty acid, and 21% omega 6 fatty acid.


  • At Friday, 29 September, 2006, Blogger Harmonia said…

    Those ARE pretty! And the lovely food on them, too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • At Friday, 29 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Melissa
    Those are great plates!! You must be happy now at meal time. Did you little miss help pick them out? I hope you enjoy your weekend. We will chat soon. PS the pants are great very unique!
    Love Jewell

  • At Friday, 29 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    WAY TO GO on your cholesterol level. That is just SUCH great nooz. Good for you and keep up the good work.

    And wow, i do love those plates. It's actually hard to look at your gorgeous food porn because the plates are so beautiful!!

  • At Saturday, 30 September, 2006, Blogger Melissa West said…

    Thanks Harmonia! Glad you like them too Jewell, yes little miss helped me pick them out - although I don't think she was as crazy about them as I was. Thanks kleo, sometimes you feel like you have to toot your own horn when everybody questions the nutritional value of a vegetarian diet - little do they understand how good it is for your body!

  • At Saturday, 30 September, 2006, Blogger Just call me Orangie said…

    Oh those are so pretty :) Do you know what brand they are (corelle maybe?). I wanna get me some lol


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