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Friday, March 16, 2007

Signature Salads

Finally blogger is letting me upload images! I have been trying to post for a number of days, but I really didn't want to without a photo!

Pictured here is a typical salad that I eat everyday. I think salads are an extremely important building block of a nutritious meal. It is with salads that we can get a lot of vitamins and nutrients as well as raw digestive enzymes that help us digest our cooked food. That being said we can also get into salad ruts. I try to keep my salads exciting by using nuts, seeds and other additions. This salad has pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and other veggies.

According to Brendan Brazier, pumpkin seeds are iron-rich. Iron is a nutrient that some people have trouble getting enough of, especially if they don't eat enough meat. I like to add pumpkin seeds to my salad for some extra iron in my diet.

Hemp seed nuts are a great way to add protein to a meal. Hemp seed nuts are probably the finest source of raw protein in nature. Hemp is a nutreint-rich whole food in its natural state. There is no need to create isolates or extracts from it. The protein present in hemp is complete, containing all 10 essential amino acids. Since hemp protein is raw, its naturally occurring digestive enzymes remain intact, allowing it to be used by the body with greatest ease.


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