Cooking Delights

Friday, February 23, 2007


I like to give my vegetarian cooking class participants party favours to take with them at the end of the night. I usually like to tie it in with the theme of the class. For example, last class, the cooking with tofu class, I gave everybody a box of mori nu tofu. Since the theme of this class is legumes and ancient grains I had the awesome idea to give away bags of Lundberg Rice Chips. These crunchy chips are made with brown rice and black beans!!!! What a perfect combination for this class! I also like to suggest these chips as a snack to my nutrition and lifestyle coaching clients. They are definitely a better choice than commercial potato chips.

A lot of my health conscious clients are not that interested in wine with their dinner. So, as an alternative to wine I will be serving Amé Sparkling Elderberry and Lemon The lady helping me at the health food store told me that these sparkling spring waters also aid in digestion.

So, with these extra treats, I am looking forward to my cooking class tomorrow.

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