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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cafe 668, Toronto

Cafe 668 is my absolute favourite veggie restaurant in Toronto. Now with their new digs down the road it is actually a place you can go for a nice dinner out. Add to that the fact that they now serve alcohol and you have a proper evening out.

Here I am raising a glass to our dinner. The front of the restaurant looking out onto the street is glass from floor to ceiling.

This is the famous and very delicious cafe 668 salad.

We also started with pan fried dumplings...notice we forgot to take a photo until half way through. My daughter, Trinity, loved these.

This is the crispy house noodles. YUMMY!

We always order the curries here. I love the texture and flavour of these coconut curries. This is the vegetable curry.

This is my favourite dish, the coconut curried eggplant.

At the front door they have these really cute pinapple plants.

Here's my husband, Tim, getting fancy with the photography using the mirrors on the west wall. Check out the new digs for Cafe 668. They are totally gorgeous and the food is absolutely delicious.


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