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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vegan for a day?

I came across this article in my research about metta meditation today. It was located on a blog through the yoga journal website:

Celebs go vegan for peace

Christy Turlington, Russell Simmons, Sting and Donna Karan are participating in the Global Mala Project, an international effort that uses yogic events to raise awareness and funds for global causes on the United Nations' International Day of Peace (Sept. 21), by going vegan for the day. According to the United Nations, the waste emissions from animals raised for food contributes more to global warming than all the car and truck emissions in the world. How many of you are vegan or vegetarian? Why did you decide to eliminate animal products from your diet?

This little article has got my knickers in a knot. I am excited about the Global Mala Project, in fact I am hosting two events on Saturday September 22nd to support it. I appreciate that celebrities are raising the consciousness around global warming and the raising of animals for food. But really, how hard is it to go vegan for a day? How hard is it to call up your personal chef and say, "Can you make it vegan today?" Let's see some commitment with guts! How about vegan for a year. If you really care about the planet, how about just switching to a vegan lifestyle for the rest of your life?

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