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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Vegetarian Sushi Cooking Class

I have to say, last night's vegetarian cooking class was my favourite of the bunch I held. I just loved making vegetarian sushi with the people that came. We each had our own little work station and made sushi to our own tastes. I love the aesthetics of Japanese cuisine. Did you know that when you are serving sushi you should never fill the serving platter, individual plates or dipping bowls to capacity, as this is considered rude. I bought some pretty plates for this cooking class. We made sure to not fill them to capacity. Speaking of etiquette, you should never pour your own drinks. Offer to serve others and wait for someone to offer to fill your cup. And, by the way, it is completely acceptable to eat sushi with your fingers.

Pictured below was the amazing dessert sushi. It is a mango slice secured with a strip of nori on coconut and lime flavoured rice. These were amazing!

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